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Death Rally (2011) Interviews

1UPGamers Interview with Markus Mäki
"The game concept was starting to develop in summer of 1995, and while there were 3D games, it wasn’t seen to be a requirement (Carmageddon and GTA 1 were released a year later than Death Rally). We wanted a game that would be fun, wouldn’t require all the latest hardware, and one that would be possible for a start-up company to get done in a reasonable time."

VGChartz Interviews Matias Myllyrinne
"I think the biggest thing for any game is that they’re interactive. It’s so blindingly obvious and it’s a bit trite to say, but how a game feels and how it plays is at least as important as how it the fiction or action you put people in. We’ve all played games where you might be really enthralled by the story and you’re really engaged with it but the camera’s broken and that really detracts from it. I think the key thing for us with Death Rally is making sure the controls feel sweet."


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