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Alan Wake, Radio Show #9: A Conversation About Love

In Alan Wake, there are eleven radio shows that the player can collect by interacting with radios around Bright Falls. All shows are present within the first four episodes of the game. In the show, we receive a personal look at the town through the eyes of Pat Maine, the KBF-FM and Night Owl radio host, and hear perspectives from guest callers. 

Episode Three. Mirror Peak. Like the eighth, the ninth radio show can also be discovered along the road to the Coal Mine. When driving along, the player will pass a wooden fire watch tower. Take a moment to park the van, and walk up the steps to the room at the top.

Pat Maine talks to Doctor Nelson about whether soul mates exist or if it's just a myth.


Pat Maine: Welcome back to KBF-FM; hope you enjoyed that tune. Now, Doc, you were talking about life and finding that special someone, that soul mate...

Doctor Nelson: Well, you were talking about that, I was saying I don't buy it!

Pat Maine: Well, see, to me, that's strange, because I always pegged you as a hopeless romantic. 

Doctor Nelson: Heh! You got me there, Pat. But I think love's where you look for it. And you need to do a lot of looking, sure. But the idea that there's that one special person out there for you, and if you miss that change, it's gone forever and you're forever incomplete... I mean, isn't that depressing? Or, heck, childish, even? There's plenty of fish in the sea.

Pat Maine: And apparently, a fisherman has a fishing analogy for everything. But what you're saying, isn't that a little harsh?

Doctor Nelson: Well, no! What I am saying is that your potential for finding that connection isn't limited to what's essentially a chance encounter. How's that harsh?

Pat Maine: Yeah, well. I guess that's a nice thought. But let me say something personal here...

Doctor Nelson: Okay..?

Doctor Nelson: Now, well, I... I don't disagree with you, exactly, but I can't really fit that together with what I feel, what I --what I felt for someone. Because -- she was the one. She was. And she -- I let her drift away from me. Maybe I didn't put in the work, I don't know, but... well, since then -- and it was a long time ago, but... but since then, there hasn't been anyone. Not like her. And I'm not saying I dwell on her, or haven't moved on. I like my life. I'm not living in the past. But I do miss the way she... completed me. 

Doctor Nelson: You can't argue with the heart, Pat. 

Pat Maine: Ahh. I'm sorry, folks. I had kind of a scary experience last night, and let's just say it's shaken a few things loose. 


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