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Alan Wake, Radio Show #8: Maine's Anger

In Alan Wake, there are eleven radio shows the player can collect by interacting with radios around Bright Falls. All shows are present within the first four episodes of the game. In the show, we receive a personal look at the town through the eyes of Pat Maine, the KBF-FM and Night Owl radio host, and hear perspectives from guest callers. 

Episode Three. Mirror Peak. When driving to the Coal Mine, the player can stop at a slightly dilapidated wooden barn with a white van outside. Park the car and head inside the barn to find the eighth radio on a table.

Following the night in a jail cell, Pat Maine returns to the microphone to vent about his night and to thank Sarah Breaker for stepping in. He also apologises to Wake, though not by name.


Pat Maine: This is Pat Maine, and you're listening to KBF-FM. Folks, I want to apologize for kind of abandoning you to that looping music track last night, but I was... detained. You see, I encountered a big shot G-man with an itchy trigger finger who could use a lesson in manners and a boot in the ass -- not necessarily in that order either. Now, folks, I know I'm not being very informative here, and I apologize for that. I really should just keep quiet, but... I'm just so peeved right now, because some people just shouldn't be carrying badges. I'm just glad that our Sheriff Breaker was there to straighten things out. And if someone I met last night is listening, let me just say I'm sorry if my mouth got you in trouble. I'm pretty sure you're not the bad guy here. Godspeed son; I hope you know what you're doing. Now, on a lighter note... I'll be talking to Doctor Nelson all morning. But first -- a little music.


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