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Alan Wake, Radio Show #5: Snyder's Feeling the Pressure

In Alan Wake, there are eleven radio shows that the player can collect by interacting with radios around Bright Falls. All shows are present within the first four episodes of the game. In the show, we receive a personal look at the town through the eyes of Pat Maine, the KBF-FM and Night Owl radio host, and hear perspectives from guest callers. 

Episode Three. On the Run. After leaving Rose's house, follow the path which will take you through someone's garden. On the steps in the garden will be your fifth radio.

Anxious following his fight with his best friend and cool down in a jail cell, Walter Snyder calls up for advice from Pat Maine. They both feel something off in the weather tonight, feeling its heaviness. 


Pat Maine: I just stepped outside to catch a breath of fresh air, and let me tell you, the weather's getting heavy! Nights like this make me especially glad I'm here talking to you and not home in bed. Once the weather takes a turn like this, I can't sleep at all; it's all... tangled bedsheets and dark thoughts, punctuated by the occasional plunge into a nightmare. Is it just me? Well, perhaps it is, but I hope I make the night a little bit easier to get through... Caller, you're on KBF-FM. 

Walter Snyder: Hey, Pat, it's Walt Snyder. 

Pat Maine: What' son your mind, Walt?

Walter Snyder: Well, I ain't the way you are, but, well, uh, I can't sleep either, you know? I've been just staring out of the window here, trying to make sense of it all, but... I ain't been drinking, either, you know, I just...

Pat Maine: Well, you sound like a man with a problem, Walt. 

Walter Snyder: Yeah. Yeah, uh... I had a, you know, an argument with Danny, you know Danny -- and then I got in trouble with the law, you know, and I'm... I'm just... well...

Pat Maine: I heard something like that, Walt.

Walter Snyder: Yeah. Well, you know, he's -- you know, Danny's my best friend and they let me out of bail today... and now I'm just alone here at the window, you know, waiting. Man, and there's something in the air tonight, man! 

Pat Maine: Mm. I was just outside looking up at the sky above our broadcast tower, thinking the same thing. What're you waiting for, Walt?

Walter Snyder: I... I don't know. You know, something's gonna happen. You know? I gotta, I gotta... I... I think I better go. 

Pat Maine: Well, Walt, maybe -- 

Walter Snyder: No. Thanks, Pat. 

Pat Maine: Haaahhh. Well, good luck to you, Walt, hang in there. Let's take a little break, folks, this weather's really something else, huh?


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