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Getting the Generator Online
Alan Wake Walkthrough / Episode 01

As soon as you arrive at Diver's Isle, your first objective is to "Go to the cabin". As you walk across the bridge to the cabin, Alan will inform you of Alice's phobia of the darkness, hence her insistence to get inside before dark.

As you reach the cabin, you will need to open the front door by tapping the Interact button (Press B on a game pad or E on the keyboard), but upon doing so Alice will declare it's too dark. Your mission now is to get the lights on by starting up the cabin's generator!

EASTER EGG #1: If you ignore Alice's instructions and go inside the cabin, make sure to investigate the rooms for a special hint at what's to come in the game. 

EASTER EGG #2: There's a tree stump halfway between the cabin and the shed, with "TZ + BJ" you can interact with it to learn more.

The generator is location in the back garden, you can see it pretty clearly from the porch. It looks like an old wooden shed, with a cable to connect it to the house. Once inside the room, you should repeat the same controls you used to get the front door open on the generator.

After successfully getting the machine running, go outside to trigger a cutscene.

EASTER EGG #3: If you walk over to the edge of the island near the shed, you can see a large building on the cliff. If you hold the focus key, Alan will inform you of the historical background of the place.


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