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Operation Spectre Synopsis

The synopsis below is shown as the introduction to Operation Spectre when players entered the single-player menu system from the multiplayer section. 

"Operation Spectre is a sequel to Operation Catalyst which followed a team of Global Risk soldiers in their fight to save their team leader Cavanaugh after he was captured by Black List. The team scrambles to get to Cavanaugh in time but he had already become the unwilling subject of a Black List experiment. They hooked him up to a decades-old experimental supercomputer called "The Catalyst" that was supposed to make him see the future.

Soon after Operation Catalyst Global Risk is calling Cavaugh into Headquarters to be debriefed to get their hands on the Catalust intel too. Black List is determined not to let that happen...

With Black List desperately outnumbered against the mighty Global Risk Catalyst has predicted a chilling future: Global Risk is about to start an all-out war against Black List. But there's something that can save them: a high-tech invisible super soldier. 

Operation Spectre is the story of Torres the petty criminal who is destined to become that savior and his journey from a selfish loner to a hero willing to sacrifice everything in order to save Black List."


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