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Operation Catalyst Synopsis

The synopsis below is shown as the introduction to Operation Catalyst when players entered the single-player menu system from the multiplayer section. 

"In an unstable future where wars are fought by private military companies two powerhouse forces rise above the rest: Global Risk and Black List. 

When Global Risk intel suggests a high-ranking Black List officer is running a mysterious operation in the war-torn nation of Azkharzia they delay a strike team to apprehend him. But a devastating ambush leads to the capture of their leader catapulting the rest of the team into a daring rescue mission to save him from Black List's grasp. 

Scrambling to survive behind enemy lines the fire team descends into an abandoned mining operation venturing deeper into the mystery of Black List's scheme hidden within: a devious plot using dangerous technology to extract clairvoyant visions of the future from the mind of their captured leader. Global Risk races against the clock to save him fearing that even if they do manage to reach him before it's too late not all of them will make it out of Azkharzia alive. 

The future visions unleashed in this story end up defending Black List and Global Risk's strategy in the months and years ahead igniting a cataclysm that will fragment the world and threaten all of humankind..."


Formerly "Vanguard"

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