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Operation Spectre Collectibles (USB 7/7) Nano-Dyne Results


Included in the File: 

- CELLSAMPLES_1H0051_2H0135.JPG 


Nanodyne Luis Torres 01 Information:

CONTENT: Nano-Dyne Experiment, Luis Torres.

NOTES: Subject's estimated changes of survival prior to Nano-Dyne injection: 5%

Duration: 00:59


Nanodyne Luis Torres 01 Transcript:

Fontaine: Subject: Luis Torres. 

Suffering from a catastrophic brain injury. Injected with Nano-Dyne approximately six hours ago. Already showing vast improvements. The Nano-Dyne has passed the blood-brain barrier and begun to self-replicate. It's fusing with his cells, quite aggressively. Vitals are stable, cranial pressure normalizing, bone reconstruction rapidly progressing. No signs of cellular necrosis or the spinal deterioration observed in... Previous subject. In fact, no complications of any kind. The Nano-Dyne is working perfectly. 

I suspect a unique gene mutation in the subject is responsible. It's healing him, as intended. But it will do more than that, once it's fully activated...

Logan hasn't left his side all night. He'd better not get attached.


Cell Samples 1H0051 2H0135 Information:

CONTENT: Cell Samples 1H0051 2H0135. 

NOTES: #1H0051 - Self-replication success, minor healing followed by immediate cell necrosis and progressive spinal and organ deterioration. Expected to eventually lead to death. 

#2H0135 - Self-replication success, rapid and complete healing, no harmful side effects.



Personal V Fontaine 388 Information:

CONTENT: Commander V. Fontaine, personal audio log. 


Duration: 00:57

Personal V Fontaine 388 Transcript:
(The recording can be found in the video above)

Fontaine: I know I'll be judged for the things I've done. Even more for what I'm about to do... I don't care. 

Black List faces extinction. I didn't believe it when they first contacted me. But the Catalyst confirmed everything...and showed me how to save us.

My contacts didn't tell me what the Ghost would become... I can't determine what their stake is in all of this. Why they want the Ghost to exist, knowing how it will end... It doesn't matter. 

The Nano-Dyne saved my life, but only temporarily. I'm running out of time. I have one last chance to do something meaningful with my life. History may not see it this way, but I'm protecting the world from Global Risk. This is my duty. I will save Black List before I go. No matter the cost. 


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