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CrossfireX Character Biography: Eva Torres

Years before the events of Operation Catalyst, Eva Torres had worked at Global Risk as a soldier and a researcher exploring the potential of EOEs. While on opposite sides, it's implied in a USB document (Eva Torres Archives) that she had met Logan Brewster, and the two had an intimate relationship, which ultimately led to the birth of Luis Torres. After discovering she was pregnant, she left a voice message in her drafts, explaining her decision to leave and to tell an unnamed Black List solider (though believed to be Logan) that she still loved him. 

She went AWOL from Global Risk soon after. Thirteen months after she left, Eva was located in Puerto Helena pushing a baby in a pram. At the time, she was designated as "low risk" by Black List.

She later suddenly left Luis' life when he was at a young age. Unsupported, he soon found himself becoming a petty thief. It's been theorized by players, though not confirmed, that Eva had possibly been captured by Black List at this time.

Twenty years after her disappearance, Maddox had reopened her case. As part of the latest inquiry, she was labelled as missing and presumed dead.


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