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Operation Spectre Collectibles (USB 2/7)
Patient 112GN


Included in the File: 



Patient 112GN Final Report Information:

CONTENT: Final psychiatric report and recommendation for General Colt Maddox (patient 112GN).

NOTES: To be delivered to Global Risk High Command as soon as possible. 

Duration: 00:47

 Patient 112GN Final Report Transcript:

Psychiatrist: Patient report: General Colt Maddox. Psychiatric evaluation. The patient has exhibited manipulative tendencies, lack of empathy, and a grandiose sense of self-importance. This, coupled with paranoia and an extreme disregard for authority, all lead me to the conclusion that General Maddox is not only no longer fit to lead the Eastern Division of Global Risk but unfit for active duty entir--

[Loud slam]

Global Risk Soldier: Get up. 

Psychiatrist: Who are you? What are you doing in here?

Global Risk Soldier: You've been charged with treason against Global Risk. 

Psychiatrist: Charged by who? General Maddox?

[Chair slams]

Psychiatrist: Where are you taking me?

Global Risk Soldier: Turn that thing off.

Psychiatrist: Let me go-


Patient 112GN Interview 04 Information:

CONTENT: Psychiatric evaluation of Colt Maddox (patient 112GN), recording #4. 

NOTES: Reports from subordinates suggest ongoing illegal activity in Outpost 40. Patient 112GN exhibits aggressive, paranoid, and manipulative behavior when questioned.

Duration: 01:11

Patient 112GN Final Report Transcript:
(Recording can be found in the video embedded above.)

Psychiatrist: I've completed my evaluation, General Maddox, and I have concerns about your leadership. 

Maddox: Now whyever would that be, Doctor?

Psychiatrist: Beyond the reports of you ignoring orders, I see signs of paranoia, recklessness... Global Risk High Command is... worried about your mental health.

Maddox: Fighting terrorism does take its toll. But I assure you, darlin': I have the stomach for it. 

Psychiatrist: I know what you're doing in the lower levels of Outpost 41, General. Illegal treatment of prisoners... unsanctioned executions... 

Maddox: And who gave you access to that information?

Psychiatrist: It doesn't matter. I'm afraid I have no choice but to recommend your immediate removal from command. 

Maddox: You know, I can respect someone who lives with convictions. But it is a rare person in this world who's willing to die for them. Are you willing to die for your convictions, Doctor?

Psychiatrist: This meeting is over, General.

P112GN Article 52N.jpg

P11GN Article 52N Information:

CONTENT: General Colt Maddox (patient 112GN), article 52N, proof of insubordination.

NOTES: Text transcription provided below.
"General Maddox, Your request to move troops into Puerto Helena [redacted] has been DENIED on the following grounds:

1. The [redacted] intel recovered from Azkharzia is considered unreliable at this time. 

2. The intended target, Luis Torres, is a civilian. We cannot risk [redcated]

Do not move forward with the operation."

(The letter is signed by Global Risk High Command, although the name is redacted. The signature remains, showing the name begins with R. In red pen at the bottom of the letter, there's a comment "Patient Cold Maddox article 52N insubordination". The final work is heavily underlined.


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