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Operation Spectre Collectibles (USB 1/7)
Original Catalyst Research


Included in the File: 



Catalyst Experiment Recording 17 Information:

CONTENT: Article 17B - Original Catalyst experiment recording dated 1974, recovered from Black List site in Azkharzia. 

NOTES: Speaker unknown, believed to be part of original Catalyst research team.

Duration: 01:26


Catalyst Experiment Recording 17 Transcript:

Catalyst Researcher: April 18th, 1973. Catalyst Trial 81. Three hours in. Like the others, subject is exhibiting increasing levels of psychosis and stress. 

Subject 81: They're monsters! And it's spreading. It won't stop! 

Catalyst Researcher: Cortisol levels elevated. Subject is hypertensive suffering from chronic nosebleeds. One pupil remains dilated, consistent with previous trials. We can only assume it will eventually lead to a similar fatal outcome via intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke. 

Subject 81: They're dying. Everyone. They can't help us. No one can help us!

Catalyst Researcher: Whether or not the subjects are experiencing clairvoyance remains to be seen. Some of their visions seem plausible. Others...

Subject 81: It's destroying the world! No! My wife! She's changing! She's sick!

Catalyst Researcher: ...are more difficult to believe. If true, then something utterly terrifying is coming... And we have no idea how to stop it.

Subject 81: All of humanity is going to die! *Screams* 

Catalyst Researcher: That's enough for today.


Catalyst Research Team 1973 17 Information:

CONTENT: Article 17A - Photo of original Catalyst research team dated 1973, recovered from Black List site in Azkharzia. 

NOTES: Artifact in photo (background) believed to be the Catalyst, soon to be buried by its original creators, then exhumed by Black List decades later.



Catalyst Image 3 17 Information:

CONTENT: Article 17C - Image produced by the Catalyst in 1973, recovered from Black List site in Azkharzia. 

NOTES: Believed to be a Catalyst prediction of a future event, created using an unknown test subject's brain. 


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