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Location: Dam, Bright Falls

The Dam is a location which is only playable in Episode five after Alan is trying to reunite with Sheriff Breaker and Barry. It is also shown at the beginning of the sixth episode as the protagonist makes his way towards a car on his way to Cauldron Lake.

Screenshot from Episode Six

On his way to the Well Lit Room with Cynthia Weaver; Barry and Breaker's plane crashes. In a desperate attempt to rescue them, Alan leaves Weaver to travel to the room on her own, while he goes out in search for his friends. After reuniting with them, they are quickly separated as the Dark Presence blocks Alan's path. In order to reach them again, Alan has to trek across the Dam to enter the Well Lit Room.

 While crossing the Dam, he is ambushed by a large group of Taken, but thankfully, is aided by a large torch which can burn the Taken away. After the ambush, the Darkness forms a tornado and attempts to kill Alan by throwing debris at him. He eventually reaches another elevator where he meets Breaker, Weaver and Barry.

Screenshot from Episode Five

Collectibles (From when Alan leaves Cynthia):

  • 2 Manuscript Pages
  • 1 Nightmare Manuscript Page
  • 1 Hidden Chest
  • 3 Coffee Thermos
  • 1 Sign



Bright Falls Dam is inspired by Diablo Dam in Whatcom County in Washington. It is one of three dams along the Skagit River and is part of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project which provides the majority of Seattle's electricity.

Photograph by Dan Huntington

Work began on the project in 1917. However work on this specific Dam began in1927 and was finished in 1930 with the system being functional six years later. At the time, it was the largest Dam in the world at 389 feet. The water from the Dam powers two generators at 64.5 MW

180 degree view - photograph by by Gregg M. Erickson

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