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Location: Bird Leg Cabin

Bird Leg Cabin is located in the middle of Cauldron Lake. It received its name after the island's shape, a bird's claw. The name is also related to the myth of Baba Yaga which inspired the character Barbara Jagger.

The cabin once belonged to Thomas Zane and Barbara Jagger until a volcano eruption sunk the island in the early 1970s. After Jagger drowned in the lake, Zane rededicated his life to bringing her back with his poems. She returned but as a puppet controlled by the Darkness to drive Zane to write more poems to make it stronger. Zane realised his mistake and in the end wrote the destruction of Diver's Isle.

 The cabin has four main rooms; the living room, kitchen, bedroom and study.  The living room contained a shoebox filled with poetry books by Thomas Zane. The books were incorporated into Wake's own text.In the bedroom is a calendar with the date; July 4th, 1970. Alan will also mention how the entire building looks like a time capsule from the seventies. If you decide to enter the cabin without Alice, and you enter the study, Alan will have a vision of the antagonist before the kidnapping.

  • 1x - Coffee Thermos (On the kitchen table)
  • 1x - Radio (Porch)


Baba Yaga Myth
The name "Bird Leg Cabin" was inspired by the myth of Baba Yaga, which also inspired Barbara Jagger's character. The theme of birds is constantly visible throughout the entire building from the crows on the porch to the bird-like face design of the cabin.

Wizard's Island
The island in the middle is called Wizard's Island. The top section, Witches' Cauldron is the final part of the Mount Mamaza volcano after it collapsed in 4600BC.

There's access to Wizard's Island and Crater Lake through a series of ferries over the summer months, however camping on the island is prohibited.


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