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Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show / Episode Eight
[Bobby Radford, Hardline]

In Quantum Break, radio shows are used to inform the player of events taking place around Riverport. The commentary reflects the decisions you make throughout the game and adds a new level of realism to the experience. Below is a transcript of an example of a radio show with Bobby Radford that the player may discover throughout the game. 

Transcript: Hello Riverport. It's Bobby Radford and, well, you know where we're at, don't ya? The Port Donnelly Bridge is gone and God knows how many people have gone with it.

You've heard that Hindenberg thing, y'know, with the guy going "oh the humanity, oh the humanity". Jesus, I know how he felt. I don't understand how the hell- I hear the people on the boat was saying the bridge was up. Video footage says it wasn't, that the bridge just rammed into it. It's insane! It's- Christ, Riverport's in so much trouble now, folks. We need someone to declare a state of emergency or something, but nobody's doing a goddamn thing!

And nobody's talking about the fact that Monarch had setup an illegal roadblock right on that bridge, searching all the cars. No warrants. No due-process. No nothing. Just near where their goddamn fancy mansion blew up. And now this ship rams the bridge. That's a coincidence?! That ain't no goddamn coincidence.

We've got that and now we've got reports of car accidents happening all over the town. We've got- Why isn't someone doing something?! Huh! Hello, mayor! You're asleep at the goddamn wheel! Wake up! What the hell.

*Sigh* We'll be right back.

Duration: 01:31:50 [M:S:MS]

Location: [Act 4, Part 2 / Hardline Choice]


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