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Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show (2010) / Episode Nine
[Bobby Radford]

In Quantum Break, radio shows are used to inform the player of events taking place around Riverport. The commentary reflects the decisions you make throughout the game and adds a new level of realism to the experience. Below is a transcript of an example of a radio show with Bobby Radford that the player may discover throughout the game. 

Transcript: Hey! Bobby Radford, coming at ya on fourth of July! And what a fine day it is too! Things are looking up for Riverport. Huh, don't believe me? Just look at that shiny new Monarch building going up. That's a big deal for this town.

Sure, I know there's been complains; talking about how Monarch is tearing down this or that, taking over the ma and pa's spots. Making Riverport more corporate. Yeah, some of that's happening, it ain't all good. But a huge coporaration like that, they're all about power and profit, but I say hold on there. Put it in perspective. This town's been miserable for a long time. A long time.

When our ship building industry took that final nosedive, we had one hell of a slump. A lot of people I know have been unemployed for years now, and that's hard! But Monarch's here, and they're starting to change that. Big time.

So they ain't perfect. So what? It beats the alternative. I want to be optimistic about this! It ain't wrong to have a little hope for the future. I want to believe that this is capitalism working as intended, y'know? The American way you could say!

Duration: 01:11:80 [M:S:MS]

Location: [Act 4, Part 3]


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