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Return 2: The Heart (Unlocking the Shotgun in the General Store)

In Return 2, Saga returns to the Bright Falls General Store to collect Nightingale's tattooed heart from the fridge. In the same room, she can retrieve a shotgun to help deal with those dastardly Taken; just one problem, though... it's protected with a security code. 

How to Unlock: 
The postit note tells the potential owner to "check with Lady Fortuna at the counter". When Saga returns to the counter, there are a number of possible solutions, including the number for Madame Agnieszka (Palm Reading & Crystal Ball Gazing, Interpreter of Dreams). But the thing you really want is the lotto card. If you compare the notepad (featuring previous codes) to the lotto card, you'll notice that the first number is 7, but the following two numbers are taken in order from the ticket numbers. The number you want is 739. 



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