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Return 2: The Heart (Steven Lin's Maintaince Note)

 When Saga and Casey begin walking down to the Witch's Ladle during sunset, they stumble across two individuals, Ilmo Koskela and Steven Lin, repairing the FBC monitoring station. Even though Stephen states that it's purely to monitor volcanic activity and air toxicity levels, Saga can enter the base and read Stephen's report. 

Text: Maintenance Note. 

Clear signs of tampering. Signal was re-routed into a transmitter that is not one of ours. I've fixed it so any alerts will come our way, but it's definitely concerning. I'll make a report for the Investigations Dept.

Leaving this here in case I'm not the next person to fix this thing. If you're reading this, check for tampering. We may want to put more secure metal casing around the whole thing so that "racoons" can't get to it anymore. 

- Steven Lin, Chief Technician


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