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Community Spotlight: Charlie's Quantum Break Fan Art

The latest Community Spotlight focuses on Charlie's (aka CMDonovann) stunning Quantum Break fan art. [With Interview]

15th Anniversary Retrospective: Max Payne

2016 marks the 15th anniversary of Max Payne; the developer's first step into AAA territory and a game which not only shaped the company but the industry too.

Community Spotlight: Carla's Quantum Break Fan Art

Over the past few weeks, Carla (aka TotecTripled and Toteczious), has uploaded dozens of amazing Quantum Break-inspired sketches across her Twitter, deviantArt and Tumblr pages.

Community Spotlight: Kristy's Alan Wake Tattoo

Kristy's Alan Wake tattoo is not only beautiful but is a compilation of things which motivate and inspires her. Photo by Kristy.

Exclusive Interview with Cam Rogers

We recently spoke to Cam Rogers, the author of Quantum Break: Zero State. Photo by Mikko Rautalahti.

The Sudden Stop Cosplay Week 2015

With convention season approaching I spoke to three talented cosplayers about their tips and experinces. Interviews with Sara Croft, Emme Gray and StevenCojo.

Alan Wake 2 Prototype Revealed

Remedy recently released the prototype video for Alan Wake 2. The video was posted on Polygon's site this afternoon and was accompanied by a lengthy interview with Sam Lake.

Exclusive Interviews

Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some individuals involved including Kathy Tong, Fred Berman, Ilkka Villi, Christopher Forsyth and Brett Kelly.

24th February 2017
Official Dev Interviews Series Continues with Elmeri Raitanen & Studio Culture Article by Camilla Taipalvesi

Earlier this month, Remedy started a new feature on their website which delves deeper into the studio culture and upcoming projects. The feature began with an interview with Remedy's Game Director Mikael Kasurinen who spoke about future projects. 

For their second (and latest!) interview, Thomas Puha spoke to Elmeri Raitanen, Lead Visual Effects Artist at Remedy, about creating broken time in Quantum Break and advice on getting into the industry.  The full interview can be read on the Remedy website, HERE

Accompanying the interview, Remedy also uploaded a new video explaining how they created the imagery for the fractures, with demonstrations and comparisons of the various differences between normal time and stutters. Check it out below! 

In addition to the interview, Camilla Taipalvesi, wrote an article on LinkedIn about what it's like working at Remedy. Her role as HR Specialist is varied, with responsibilities such as recruitment, arranging office events, contracts and more. While her role isn't specifically on game development, she makes sure that the gears continue turning at the company, and helps shape its identity. You can read her article on LinkedIn, HERE

23rd February 2017
The Fifth Anniversary of Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Yesterday, Alan Wake's American Nightmare saw its fifth anniversary! 

Originally launched on XBOX Live Arcade on 22nd February, it came to PC in June 2012, where it also received a physical edition published by Nordic Games (now THQ Nordic). The title isn't a direct sequel to Alan Wake, more like a spin-off game which took elements of the series and created a new adventure. As well as a single player campaign (lasting approximately five hours), there's a "Fight Til Dawn" horde mode.

With the release of Quantum Break last year, more people have joined the Remedy community and may not know much about Wake's Arizona adventure. So for the anniversary, there was the perfect opportunity to do something both targeted at new and long-time fans. It's something small, but I thought that a nice way to celebrate the occasion would be to write a list of five facts that a lot of people may not have known about American Nightmare

When I joined the community, I spent a lot of time on the Remedy Forums, it's changed a little since then, but I hope that it can return to the level of activity that it had. So, the American Nightmare facts can be found in a new thread on the forums. If you haven't joined yet, please check it out and consider joining. It's always great to see new fan art, cosplays and in-depth discussion. If you have any Remedy related projects, feel free to start a new thread about your work, we'll definitely love to follow your adventures evolve and develop! 

Read the Five Facts About Alan Wake's American Nightmare, HERE.

19th February 2017
Quantum Break NAVGTR Nominations

Quantum Break has received new nominations this past week from NAVGTR (National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers)!

The game received nominations for six categories: Direction In A Game Cinema, Lighting/Texturing, Performance in a Drama (Lead), Performance in a Drama (Supporting), Use of Sound (New IP), and Writing in a Drama.

This year marks their 16th award ceremony, the winners of which will be announced on 20th March 2017. Nominees were selected by 1,195 press voters for 60 categories. For more information on the other nominees and the awards, check out their official website, HERE. You can also follow the awards on their Facebook and Twitter channels.

Congratulations to Remedy for the nominations! And fingers crossed!

14th February 2017
Happy Valentine's Day 2017 [Mmmm Puns]

In 2014, we did a post which combined actual Max Payne quotes with Valentine's Day cards. It was awful. We came back in 2016 and made Alan Wake puns for a special person in your life. That was worse. So we're coming back this year, for our third attempt, with Quantum Break to save your Valentine's Day this year.

To ensure quality and show that we do take this challenge seriously, please note that all of these puns were written at the best time, 3am last night.


Okay, so the elephant in the room: there's a joke here that I just don't want to make, and you don't want me to make. I am disappointed in myself for making it but I just felt that I had to address it so we can begin the acceptance and move on. Ready?
I KNOW. Anyway, now let's do this.

We've got the classics again:

Your Altered World Events...
and your altered gravity events...
Look at those guys! So happy! I also fought with the idea of doing a "did it hurt when you fell from heaven" line as it would show the same reaction that it usually does (the speaker hitting the floor) but I liked the caption above a little more.

There's also...
...which was originally the "falling for you" caption and alternatively "did it hurt when you fell from heaven" as it would show the same reaction the line usually has (the speaker being slammed through a door), but it turns out gravity doesn't work sideways. Stupid gravity.

Speaking of physics.
There's also a Valentine's Day pun in the style of Bruce Livingston's Time Knife. I like to think that Bruce would be proud.
And finally, my favourite terrible Quantum Break pun.
Aww yiss.


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