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Behind the Scenes of Poets of the Fall's War Music Video

To celebrate 15 years of Poets of the Fall (Old Gods of Asgard) we spoke to Director, Akseli Tuomivaara, about creating the Alan Wake-inspired music video, War. [Photo by Tiia Öhman].

Community Spotlight: Fraser's Amazing Remedy Artwork

For our August Community Spotlight, we speak to the lovely Fraser about his artwork, and his influences over the years.

New CROSSFIRE 2/HD Gameplay Trailer

Thanks to Abel09 on the Remedy Forums, we have our first look at gameplay footage from CROSSFIRE 2/HD.

Max Payne Celebrates 17th Anniversary

All the tributes, celebrations, artwork and memories from the Max Payne community following the series' 17th anniversary.

Community Spotlight: Melissa [July Feature]

Our Community Spotlight for July is the lovely Melissa, melfpic on Instagram. We recently spoke to her about her stunning Quantum Break and Control-inspired artwork.

Poets of the Fall Announces Clearview Cover & Pre-Order Bundles

Poets of the Fall, the real life band behind Old Gods of Asgard, announced the cover and pre-order information for their eighth studio, Clearview.

Catch Up On Everything Control from E3 2018

All the Control coverage, from the game's surprise announcement at the Playstation E3 Media Briefing to the latest post-E3 interviews.

NEW GAME REVEAL! Learn More about Control

Remedy’s latest project, Control, previously known by its codename “P7”, was revealed on stage during Sony’s E3 Media Briefing

Charity Auctions raise £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK!

Our Monarch Gala and Spring Charity Auction raises £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK! With invaluable support from Remedy and Poets of the Fall.

Cool People We've Spoken To...

Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some individuals involved including Cam Rogers, Kathy Tong, Fred Berman, Ilkka Villi, Christopher Forsyth and Brett Kelly.

13th November 2018
Control "Wrinkle Training Map" Test

Over the past few months, Remedy and 505Games have been posting little behind the scenes snippets of the progress they've made on Control. Today they uploaded their latest test; training Jesse's head mesh to smoothly flow from one facial expression to the next.

Official Write-Up
The first part of the video is a what we call a "wrinkle training map". We are "training" Jesse's head mesh to go from one facial expression to another. The following part of the video is Jesse's full in-game model rendered in real-time.
The test is concluded with a closer look at the protagonist character model including detail on the jacket and hair style. Check out the demo below!

12th November 2018
Thomas Puha Due To Attend MIGS 2018

Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha, is heading to Montreal International Game Summit 2018 this week to take part in a panel discussing Remedy's upcoming game, Control

Thomas will be giving a lecture entitled, "Having More Control: Remedy's Next Game" which will be held on Monday 12th December 2018 between 14:30 - 15:30 in Room 510D.

Lecture Description:
"In the previous years MIGS conferences, Remedy Entertainment has talked about how it has transformed from a single project studio to a multi-project, multiplatform organization and gone through an IPO to partly fund its new strategy. In 2018, we can finally talk about the first game borne under the new strategy, the multiplatform project Control. The presentation will go through the inception of Control from a creative and business standpoint, discuss how the unveiling of the game and what has gone right and wrong so far."

Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) is held in Palais Des Congrès De Montréal. It's an annual game event for industry professionals looking to share and learn more from local and international game companies. Over 2700 attendees (330 international from 27 countries), 735 companies, and 140 exhibitors are due to descend to the two-day event. 

11th November 2018
Community Spotlight: Rotorri's Alan Wake Artwork

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. For 2018 we're switching things up a little with each month having its own spotlighted fan and fan project. For our November feature I'm excited to talk to South Korea-based artist, Rotorri, whose gorgeous Alan Wake lineart has been making a delightful appearance on Tumblr and Twitter over the past few months.

Alan Wake may have been released eight years ago but the adventure is still drawing in new fans, including the talented individual we're focusing on for this month's community spotlight! Rotorri is a wonderful artist based in South Korea who joined the fandom only this September and already has filled the community with stunning pieces.
Artwork by Rotorri.
Rotorri makes beautiful black and white lineart pieces, carefully using colour; only including it for emphasis or to create a specific atmosphere/tone. The designs are professionally smooth and crisp, and the sketches can be described as both complex and minimalistic, with lines used beautifully sparingly with every one adding something to the piece whether it's movement or emotional depth.

In all of his artwork emotion plays a big part, with a great amount of detail and attention put on facial expressions and body language to express exhaustion, dedication, or alarmed, whatever is needed for the piece. Even just glimpsing at the artwork, you get a sense of what it's conveying, with every aspect of it bringing the piece together.

What makes Rotorri's work special is the way he blends his unique style with his wonderful sense of humour with Alan Wake injokes and references used to spice up the work. The references can be dark tones of the Bright Fall miniseries or light-hearted cat-filled art. The unique take, his perspective, and personal style has led to a utterly stunning series of Alan Wake artwork.
Rotorri kindly took the time to answer some questions about what inspires him and how he joined the Remedy community. Check out our interview below:

Tell us a little about yourself!
Hello, my name is Rotorri (pronounce is rotori) from South Korea. I'm a noob (newbie) in the Alan Wake fandom. This is reaaally coolest chance for me. :D
Artwork by Rotorri.
Where did you get your passion for art?
I get [inspiration] from variety of places; I get inspired by music, circumstances, my life experiences, and my motivations. So I just keep and remember them when I express them into drawing.

Your artwork has a unique and iconic style, how did you develop it? Were there any artists that inspired you?
I can't tell you especially what that was, because since I started to draw, I've been inspired from many artworks. However I have a few artists or styles have inspired my art style such as Danny Phantom (animation), Bleach (Japanese animation) and Homestuck. This is the list of my inspirational artists that I think are my favourite. I've never thought my art as similar with the others :D

How and when were you introduced to Alan Wake?
It was this September, I'd finished Fallout 4. At that time, I realized that I'd stopped Alan Wake in Chapter 3, in 2014. Then I re-installed it, to complete the rest of the game and I enjoyed those moments. It was really interesting gameplay and [the game] reminded me of Cthluhu. At the end of episode, I felt some feeling as after watching the TV series or well-made movie. After finished the game, I figured out myself overwhelmed that I can't think other thing but Alan Wake. Yup. I dragged in myself.
Artwork by Rotorri.
What made you decide to create artwork for the game?
First thing was the story. I like the idea of whole story of AW. Second was the relationships and interaction between each characters.

What would you like to see in a potential Alan Wake 2?
Nightingale's story. I still wonder why he is chasing after Alan. Does he chase after Alan or Mr. Scratch? What happened in his town? I thought there might be a potential parallel universe, Alan has too. Also, I'm wondering what was '[it's not a lake, it's] an ocean's" meaning. :3 (plz do not say it is Ocean's 8).

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us, Rotorri!
Make sure to follow him on Twitter and Tumblr for more wonderful artwork!
Artwork by Rotorri.

10th November 2018
Hollie Bennett Talks Control In Reverse Playstation Access EGX Interview

Following their talk on the Playstation Access stage at EGX this year,  Vida Starčević (Associate Community Manager at Remedy) and Lucas Liaskos (Brand Community Manager at 505Games) spoke to host Hollie Bennett to discuss her impressions of the game so far.

In the new interview, uploaded to the Control YouTube channel, Vida and Lucas ask Hollie about her view of the game based on the demos that she's been shown so far and from hearing the developer's approach. Her interview is overlapped with gameplay footage of the game shown during the EGX stage demo.

Watch the full interview below!


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