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Poets of the Fall's Ultraviolet Album Due Out This October

Poets of the Fall (aka Old Gods of Asgard) has announced that their eighth studio album, entitled Ultraviolet will be out this October, with a follow-up international tour.

Remedy on Microsoft DirectX Raytrack (DXR) API

At a recent GDC talk, Remedy spoke about their collaboration with Nvidia on the Microsoft DirectX Raytracing (DXR) API, and its integration into the Northlight engine.

International Women's Day 2018

Our wrap-up post on the International Women's Day celebrations within the Remedy community. [Photo by Remedy].

Community Spotlight: Kate's Alan Wake-inspired Drinks

Our February Community Spotlight was the lovely Kate, owner of the Tumblr Blog, Drink Your Favourite Character.

Remedy's 2017 Financial Report Summary

In their recent financial report, Remedy announced an unannounced third title and a target launch date for P7.

Community Spotlight: Gruvu's Gorgeous Alan Wake Art

Our first community spotlight of the year is Gruvu whose wonderful artwork caught our eye last month.

A Year In Review [2017]

A look back at all the Remedy and community news which took place over the past tweleve months.

Charity Auctions raise £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK!

Our Monarch Gala and Spring Charity Auction raises £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK! With invaluable support from Remedy and Poets of the Fall.

Cool People We've Spoken To...

Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some individuals involved including Cam Rogers, Kathy Tong, Fred Berman, Ilkka Villi, Christopher Forsyth and Brett Kelly.

26th May 2018
Remedy Moves Offices [2018 Edition]

Teased in the financial report earlier in the year, Finnish development studio, Remedy Entertainment Oyj moved from city the Espoo, their home for the past twenty three years to... well, down the road in the city of Espoo which has been their home for the past twenty three years.

Okay admittedly while the new building was a short distance away now located at Luomanportti 3, a few minutes walk from Kappelitie 8, the move was anything but. The studio currently has around 170 employees working on three projects (CROSSFIRE 2, "P7" and the conceptual "P8") so there was a lot to pack up and transport. The new building also needed renovations customised to the company's needs, with work taking place right up until the moving day.

In a new video posted onto Remedy's YouTube channel, Thomas Puha (head of communications) takes viewers on an unrehearsed tour of the new building on the Friday before the main move:

And with the move complete, photos were posted on Twitter by devs arriving on Monday morning:

24th May 2018
Tiny Dog In Mo-Cap Suit Wins Hearts #TeamUuno

As part of an experimentation of the motion-capture tech, Remedy's Junior Cinematographer, Sami Kastarinen, brought his Staffordshire Bull Terrier into the office and put him in his own custom mo-cap suit.

The dog is called Uuno, and soon after photographs of the little guy was posted online, he started to get a lot of publicity. Videos and articles were posted about him on channels such as IGN, RiotFest, Metro, Reddit, Game Informer, Machinima, GAMINGbible, and more.

It wasn't long before there was Remedy fan art featuring Uuno from Toey:

At present, the dog mo-cap testing is still an experiment rather than a teaser for what to expect in CROSSFIRE 2 or "P7" but it does show that it's an area they're interested in exploring it.

22nd May 2018
Remedy's Schedule at Nordic Game 2018

If you're heading to Nordic Game in Slagthuset in Malmö, Sweden this week, there are a number of Remedy-related activities and talks taking place that you may want to check out!

On the first day (Wednesday 23rd), Remedy is sponsoring Happy Hour, which will take place at the main venue bar between 17:00-18:00. The studio will also be part of MeetToMatch which focuses on company collaborations. (Booking required for the latter).

There are also three talks happening on the Wednesday and Friday.

Remedy's CEO, Tero Virtala will be taking to the stage twice on Wednesday 23rd, first with "Gaming on IPOs: Demystifying the Process of Going Public" at 10:00-11:00 in Room Stockholm. That panel will be moderated by Johanna Nylander and will also feature speakers; Erja Retzén, Johan Engström, Maria Grimaldi and Markus Nyström. Tero will also be taking part in the "Nordic Game, Where Are You Going?" panel at 11:15-12:00 at the Unreal Theatre. The "Where Are You Going" panel will be moderated by John Gaudiosi with speakers Bendik Stang, Hakan Abrak, Kjartan Emilsson, and Martin Wahlund.

Alan Wake and Quantum Break composer, Petri Alanko will also be taking part in a panel ("Same Game, Different Music") at the event. His session will be on Friday 25th May at 11:00-11:45 at the Unreal Theatre. The panel will be moderated by Arnold Nesis, and will also feature speakers Ari Pulkkinen, Chris Remo, and Thor Myrdal.

14th May 2018
Alan Wake Eighth Anniversary Giveaway
Win a Copy of Alan Wake on Steam! [ENDED]

Today marks the eight years since Alan Wake launched! Happy Birthday Alan Wake!

Released eight years ago today, Alan Wake was originally an XBOX 360 exclusive title before coming to PC two years later. To coincide with the launch of Quantum Break in 2016, the game was made backwards compatible on the XBOX One, a reveal first teased during E3 2015. While the release wasn't the smoothest, releasing the same day as Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, it received positive reviews gaining 82% on Metacritic and has become a beloved cult classic in the games industry.

For Remedy fans who have yet to play Alan Wake, this giveaway is for you!

The Prize

The prize is a Steam copy of Alan Wake! The game was removed from stores last May due to the music licensing expiring, but pre-bought codes still can be redeemed and we have one to give away. If you didn't get the opportunity to purchase the game while it was available, this is the perfect chance to get a copy!

(The game was originally purchased on The Humble Store, where a portion of the game's price was donated to Cats Protection UK.)

Official Synopsis for Alan Wake:

When the wife of the best-selling writer Alan Wake disappears on their vacation, his search turns up pages from a thriller he doesn’t even remember writing. A Dark Presence stalks the small town of Bright Falls, pushing Wake to the brink of sanity in his fight to unravel the mystery and save his love.

Presented in the style of a TV series, Alan Wake features the trademark Remedy storytelling and pulse-pounding action sequences. As players dive deeper and deeper into the mystery, they’ll face overwhelming odds, plot twists, and cliffhangers. It’s only by mastering the Fight With Light combat mechanic that they can stay one step ahead of the darkness that spreads across Bright Falls.

With the body of an action game and the mind of a psychological thriller, Alan Wake’s intense atmosphere, deep and multilayered story, and exceptionally tense combat sequences provide players with an entertaining and original gaming experience.

For this competition there will be one (1) winner. (Don't worry we'll be offering more prizes in future competitions and giveaways. So if you don't win in this competition, there will be more chances!) The winning entry will be chosen based on the most personally persuasive argument. The winner will be contacted within one week of the competition finishing.

The competition will end Sunday 20th May 2016 at 18:00 BST (GMT +1).

How To Enter:

To enter the competition, let us know why you would like to win! You can send your answer to us via Facebook, Twitter, or email. For this giveaway there is a maximum of one entry per person.
  1. EMAIL
    You can send us your answer at alanwake.thesuddenstop (at) gmail (dot) com
    Write your entry in the comments section of THIS post or as a Private Message.
    Send us your entry as a reply to THIS post or as a Direct Message.

Giveaway Rules
  1. This competition is not sponsored.
  2. A portion of the prize costs have gone to Cats Protection UK.
  3. Maximum of one entry per person.
  4. This is open worldwide, but restrictions may apply on countries with limits on internet competitions.
  5. Entry is free. 
  6. No cash prize alternative will be available.
  7. The prize can not be bought.
  8. You must have a Steam account to enter so that the prize can be sent to you. (Setting up an account is free, and you don't need to have one at the time of entry, but you will need it to play the game.)
  9. A new winner may be picked if the first does not respond to the email after two weeks. Although this is only a last resort after three weeks with reminders and alternative methods of communication e.g. through social media posts.
  10. Competition begins on 14th May 2018 at 20:00 BST (GMT +1) and will end on 20th May at 18:00 BST (GMT +1).
  11. Please note that this is an unofficial competition and is not connected to Remedy, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Steam, Microsoft or THQ Nordic.
  12. There will be 1 (one) winner who will receive a copy of Alan Wake on Steam. The game is rated at +16, and to legally enter, you must be able to play the title.
  13. Entries collected through Facebook follow the rules stated on 23rd August 2013, HERE.
  14. Entries collected through Twitter follow the rules stated in their Guidelines, HERE


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