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26th April 2024
Second (and Final) Oh Deer Diner Thermos Batch Coming Soon (Amazon & iam8bit)

If you missed out on the original run of Oh Deer Diner Thermos, you will have another opportunity very soon!

Teasing in this week's A Dose of Remedy newsletter, the studio revealed, "The iconic Oh Deer Diner thermos from the Alan Wake-series is a genuine collector’s item, but fear not, a new batch of them is arriving soon! The second batch of these will be available on Amazon Germany (shipping Europe-wide) and Amazon Sweden (shipping in Sweden only), and through iam8bit (global shipping available) - in the near future!"

The developer's follow-up tweet clarified that it would be the final batch of thermoses and a limited run. 

While there isn't a date set for the restock, iam8bit has already started preparations for its arrival. On Twitter, the company wrote, "We'll announce that date in advance of the stock being put live via social media and our email list." In a follow-up post, they established the new restrictions to deter scalpers, "We'll have a larger stock the first drop. We're restricted by the manufacturer's supply and production capacity, but we're ordering as many as we can!" and that "We're sticking to our limit of two per customer, and will be cancelling any orders beyond that."

If the prices are matched to the first batch, they are expected to cost between €24.99 to €29.99.

The Second Batch. We received an initial teaser back in November after a limited batch sold out within seconds on iam8bit. Talking about future chances, Thomas Puha (Communications Director at Remedy) stated, "There is another larger batch of Oh Deer Diner thermoses coming in (estimate) Q1 2024. No need to buy from resellers (unless you want to). Hold on, more are coming."

A further post by the developer revealed the complex decisions in trying to measure interest at the start of the collaboration, "The main thing with the Oh Deer Diner thermos was to do fan service and create a really high-quality product and collabo that makes sense. We had no idea what the demand would be. Either you make too many and that's bad or make too few and that's...not good either."

About the Oh Deer Diner Theroms. The thermoses were handed out prior to their official launch to influencers and the press during the behind-closed-door previews for Alan Wake 2 but were made publically available in early October 2023. The original run was made available domestically in Finland via select supermarkets and online at VPD. A smaller batch was released on iam8bit the following month. 

For the piece, Remedy teamed up with local specialists Airam, who is backed by almost a century of knowledge in rugged and quality thermos design. Established in the 1920s, the company originally focused on lighting but branched into the creation of the now-iconic red thermos bottles a decade later with the formation of their Punavuori-based glass factory. Although a household name, the partnership marks its first brand crossover. 

The limited edition Oh Deer Diner thermos was part of the launch celebrations for Alan Wake 2. The recreated thermos features a shiny, bright white top and base, along with the recognizable pastel blue. The cafe's logo is prominently featured on the outside. For the piece, Airam is using its traditional 0.45-litre bottle with a high-quality glass interior.


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