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5th July 2024
Sam Lake Writes Introduction for Christian Ward's Upcoming Artbook, Many Worlds Volume One

UPDATE 15/07/2024: The campaign has now gone live! Check it out to pre-order the book and collect some rather interesting goodies from signed prints to original sketches. So far, the campaign has collected over $14,000 with 132 supporters, beating its initial target of $10,000 in just a couple of days.

Looking for your next Summer read? Next week, Christian Ward's campaign will go live for his new art book, Many Volumes Volume One!

If you've played Alan Wake 2's first expansion, Night Springs, you would have already encountered a teaser of Christian's incredible work already. His artwork appears at the end of the third episode, Time Breaker, mirroring the graphic novel style cutscenes previously used in Max Payne.

The campaign is set to take place on Zoop a fundraising site aimed at comic creators and their communities. If you're interested, make sure to register your interest and keep up to date on all the news, HERE

Christian has had an impressive career; based in the UK, he is a multi-Eisner winning comic artist and writer, known for the "cosmic space opera" ODY-C, co-created with Matt Fraction, as well as Invisible Kingdom co-created with G Willow Wilson. Over the years, he has worked with comic giants including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Dark Horse Comics.

Many Worlds Volume One is targeted to be released in hardback and is set to be packed with over 120 pages from a prolific fifteen-year career, with the pages containing personal work, comics, and cover art. The Time Breaker connection isn't the only Remedy link, with the studio's Creative Director, Sam Lake, writing the introduction for the collection. 

Follow Christian's Twitter page for more information, and don't forget to sign up to Zoop to hear when the campaign goes live!


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