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12th June 2024
Oh Deer Diner Thermos Arrives to iam8bit on Thursday [SOLD OUT]

If you're hoping to buy an Oh Deer Diner thermos, make sure to set your alarm for 9am PT on Thursday, June 13th! 

iambit have announced that they will be kicking off their second and final highly-anticipated batch then with some new measures in place. 

Following the quick purchase of the last batch by bots, iam8bit has confirmed that they have increased security on their site stating in a Twitter reply, "We have automated fraud protection in place. In addition to that, we scan our backend manually to cancel orders from those trying to skate around the limit." For the upcoming sale, they have added a new restriction in place to ensure that many genuine fans get their hands on one, with a one-item-only limit.  

There's also an interesting note at the bottom of their product page stating that while they try to maintain mint condition of the boxes, as the item is in high demand, the company will be unable to replace any.  

The thermoses are priced at $29.99 with worldwide shipping available and will go on sale on Thursday.

Make sure to bookmark the iam8bit product page, HERE for the launch!

About the Oh Deer Diner Thermos. The thermoses were handed out prior to their official launch to influencers and the press during the behind-closed-door previews for Alan Wake 2 but were made publically available in early October 2023. The original run was made available domestically in Finland via select supermarkets and online at VPD. A smaller batch was released on iam8bit the following month. 

For the piece, Remedy teamed up with local specialists Airam, who is backed by almost a century of knowledge in rugged and quality thermos design. Established in the 1920s, the company originally focused on lighting but branched into the creation of the now-iconic red thermos bottles a decade later with the formation of their Punavuori-based glass factory. Although a household name, the partnership marks its first brand crossover. 

The limited edition Oh Deer Diner thermos was part of the launch celebrations for Alan Wake 2. The recreated thermos features a shiny, bright white top and base, along with the recognizable pastel blue. The cafe's logo is prominently featured on the outside. For the piece, Airam is using its traditional 0.45-litre bottle with a high-quality glass interior.


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