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2nd May 2024
Rewatch Today's Alan Wake 2 Live-Action Dev Stream w. Vida Starčević, Anssi Määttä, and Mikko Riikonen

Ready to dive into the weird world of video game live-action? Remedy has just wrapped up their Alan Wake 2 dev stream, and it's looking at exactly that! If you missed it, though, the entire broadcast is already available right now on Twitch and YouTube.

Once again, Vida Starčević hosted the two-hour livestream, which featured special guests Anssi Määttä (Live Action & Cinematics Director) and Mikko Riikonen (Principal Cinematographer) in an in-depth discussion about the challenges of creating those incredible live-action shots that left us in awe. 

Throughout the talk, the duo tackled questions dealt by Vida, from creating the reality-shifting vortex to mixing live-action and game, and creating the memorable self-made Koskela adverts. We were also treated to new behind-the-scenes photographs and footage from Room 665 and Yötön Yö. As before, the community was also able to ask questions in the latter part of the livestream.

The above video has been embedded with Twitch and YouTube chat, so you can follow the community discussions regardless of where you watch.

Vida and Julius (off-screen support, but also in our hearts) are set to return to YouTube and Twitch on May 16th at 4pm EEST (2pm BST), talking to Anne-Lynn Sottas (Senior Environment Artist), Anne-Marie Grönroos (Lead Mission Designer), and Kyle Rowley (Game Director) on recreating the Pacific Northwest.


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