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28th May 2024
Community Shoutout: Andrea's Alan Wake Artbook Giveaway [Ends May 31st]

If you've been in the Alan Wake community lately, you've probably already seen Andrea C, White's incredible digital paintings. Her work has grabbed the attention of Remedy and a number of developers who worked on the game, who have shared her work over the past few weeks. 

The busy artist has been filling our social media feeds with amazing treats, but with her recent post, you now get the opportunity to bring those pieces to life. Andrea is running a giveaway in which two Alan Wake fans will win a limited edition artbook (the prize recently doubled due to the amount of interest.)

"I've only gotten into Alan Wake two months ago, but the games have come to mean so much to me :') And the community is just beautiful," Andrea explains on Twitter. "So, to celebrate AW's upcoming anniversary, I put together a little artbook to give away. To enter, just reply with why you love Alan Wake."

She elaborates, "Anyone can participate; the books ship everywhere. It's an A4 hardback, 58 pages, 48 paintings. The winner will be chosen randomly (because picking them myself would be too painful, and I cannot) and announced on the 31st. Thank you for everything"

To enter, make sure to respond to THIS tweet! Thank you to Andrea for setting up this brilliant giveaway,


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