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19th May 2024
Terhi Kauppi (CFO) To Depart Remedy in June

Terhi Kauppi, Remedy's CFO, has announced that she will depart the studio at the end of June after six years with the company. 

Speaking about her contributions, Tero Virtala (CEO at Remedy) stated, "Terhi Kauppi joined Remedy in 2018 and has had an important role in developing our finance and administrative function to a state where we can manage well the needs of a larger organization. She also successfully led the project to transition Remedy from the First North Growth Market Finland marketplace to the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki. I warmly thank Terhi Kauppi for her valuable contribution and wish all the best for the next phase in her career”.

Kauppi was appointed CFO at Remedy in February 2018, succeeding Mika Reini, who held the role full-time before her, and Niko Stark, who held it in the interim. 

Remedy has already begun searching for Kauppi's successor, with the responsibility set to be shared by the finance team until the new CFO is appointed.

In response to their new hire, Evitec Solutions' CEO, Mikko Pilkana, writes in a press release, "We warmly welcome Terhi to Evitec Solutions. She has an impressive background of CFO positions in listed and growth companies both in Finland and internationally. We all are excited about the wide-ranging expertise that Terhi brings to the management team while we are creating inspiring innovations with fintech solutions and expert services."

Kauppi marks the second of two members departing the Core Management Team in recent weeks, with Christopher Schmitz (COO) set to step down at the end of May.

Source: Remedy Entertainment, Press Release


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