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6th March 2024
Thomas Puha Guests on Microcast

Looking for something to join you on the commute back home? This week, Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha, joined the Microcast to talk about the latest gaming stories and what's happening next for Remedy. 

Hosted by James Batchelor (Editor-in-Chief) and Chris Dring (Head of, they talk through a range of different topics from the challenges of AAA development, the release calendar, mass layoffs at Electronic Arts and Sony, Rockstar's five-day office return and more. It's a big episode!

Of course, with Puha in the spotlight for this episode, one of the discussions is about Remedy's latest €17 million deal to reclaim the full Control IP from 505 Games. 

With financial costs being at the forefront of discussions in the industry at the moment, he talks about the fine balancies needed survive and thrive. "We talk about the complexity of making these games all the time and how to keep the budgets sensible" states Puha. "Next year is Remedy's 30th year, and for an independent company to survive this industry for that long is just incredible – and to do that, you need luck, you need good games, and you need pretty damn good business management skills and relationships. Somehow we've been able to navigate all that."

You can watch the Microcast below or via the GI YouTube channel, HERE


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