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7th February 2024
Remedy's Private Yötön Yö Art Film Screening [w. Photos]

If you've completed Alan Wake 2, you may remember a rather unusual twenty-minute art film shown at the Poet Cinema entitled YÖTÖN YÖ. Translated as NIGHTLESS NIGHT, the movie was created in-game by local Bright Falls filmmaker and buttonless shirt enthusiast Thomas Zane. 

In a special outing, the live-action team at Remedy recently held a premiere screening of the short film at the Kino Laika, a newly opened cinema based in Karkkila, Finland. The location is described as "the perfect setting" by the studio for the screening, with the location "founded by director Aki Kaurismäki and writer and poet Mika Lätti)."

If you want to rewatch Yötön Yö in your own private screening, you can check it out, HERE

Source: Remedy Entertainment Twitter Page


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