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15th February 2024
Clay Murphy Guests on Big Game Hunger Podcast

Over the festive holidays, Clay Murphy (Principal Writer at Remedy) took part in Big Game Hunger, a podcast that tasks guests with creating an ambitious game using a selection of unusual prompts. The hour-long episodes, hosted by Jenny Stoeber, explore spontaneous weird game ideas from industry professionals. 

Ahead of Clay's challenge, the duo spoke about narrative in video games, his work on both Alan Wake 2 and Control, and how indie games help drive the weird, inspiring people to do the same. 

In the episode, gracefully titled "Clay Murphy makes Fellow of Caterers: Party of One", he creates an RPG where you "play as the Chosen One, still trying to make it big in Hollywood and finding that it isn't so easy, even if you are destined to be the greatest actor of all time. You still gotta eat! In the meantime, you work as a caterer, learning the skills you need to succeed in a job you aren't all that committed to."

You can listen to his episode of Big Game Hunger HERE


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