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3rd January 2024
Community Shoutout: Emma's Dr Darling Cosplay Guide

If you're looking to take on a new cosplay in 2024, Emma (aka Dogtor Who or The Dogtor) has the perfect guide, Dr Casper Darling, for you! 

In Control, Darling is the dedicated and long-standing Head of Research at the FBC, whose sudden explained disappearance has led to the agency becoming untethered. Played by Matthew Porretta, his charming, quirky personality and colourful outfits have won the community's hearts, particularly with so many finding his passion to be a source of connection. While never seen as an in-game character, we follow his progress and struggles through a series of pre-recorded live-action scenes. While he has specific unaltered clothing, he expresses his unusual love for colourful knitted cardigans and bowties throughout his logs.

In their guide, Emma looks at the various changes, how they created their own outfit, what the differences are between their version and the game version, how to create a goatee with make-up, and how they hope to improve on their current setup. Their passion is infectious and such a delight to watch, creating such a wholesome guide on how to bring the character to life. 

Watch the guide below or direct on their YouTube channel! You can follow their adventures on Twitter.


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