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4th December 2023
Oh Deer Diner Mug Restocked on Remedy Store
Coffee Returning Soon! [MUGS NOW SOLD OUT]

In time for the new week, the Oh Deer Diner mugs have been restocked at the Remedy Store for those who missed the first run. Stock may be limited, so if you've been waiting for the cups to return, make sure to get yours before they're sold out. 

In the same reveal post, the developers also teased the return of the "Oh Deer Diner Coffee", which we believe may be the Bright Falls Blend that they originally released back in November 2021. Both the coffee mug and coffee have featured prominently in Alan Wake 2 since.

For those who missed the original run, the Bright Falls Blend (250g) is a full-bean, dark roast, "a classic blend of dark chocolate and almond," and includes the quote "don't blame us when you fall in love". They were packaged locally by Helsingin Kahvipaahtimol.

The Oh Deer Diner mug is currently on sale for 24,00€ from the Remedy Store.


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