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28th December 2023
Remedy Studios Redecorates for Festive Season

The holidays are the perfect excuse for some redecorating, and that's exactly what happened at the Remedy offices. Both the Finnish and Swedish sides celebrated the upcoming events with a studio redress, adorning the place with Christmas trees, tinsel, and lights.

On the Finland side, the studio shared photographs of their newly decorated foyer on Instagram, complete with garlands and baubles circling the new logo where a gift and candy cane balloon float on either side. A decorated Christmas tree adorned with the Cult of the Tree symbol marks the entrance, with three sets of icicle lights leading the way through. Through the window, you can see the dark, snowy Espoo landscape, making the warmly lit interior even more inviting.

For the Swedish side, Valeria Rossi (Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Remedy) posted a series of photos of the festive takeover which took advantage of the smaller and more intimiate team size. She posted a series of wonderful photos with the caption, "our Stockholm stido is in full-festive mode! We decorated our tree, made gingerbread - more or less conventional - houses and had a super nice swedish julbord (literally Christmas buffet). Thanks to our office team for organizing everything!"


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