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17th December 2023
Alan Wake 2 Named in BAFTA Longlist Nominations
[Fourteen Nominations Across Ten Categories]

This week, BAFTA has officially announced the longlist for their ceremony set to take place in the Spring. 

For the jury's consideration, 257 games were submitted initially, with the list now reduced to just sixty games, across seventeen categories, forming the event's longlist. To be included in the 2024 ceremony, the title must have been released between 10th December 2022 and 24th November 2023.

In the longlist press release, Jane Millichip (CEO at BAFTA) stated, “For 20 years, BAFTA has celebrated great talent in the games industry with the annual BAFTA Games Awards. This year, we hope to amplify that celebration by publishing our Best Games of 2023 list - the longlist for next year's Awards, as voted for by games industry professionals - just in time to inspire some festive gameplay."

For Alan Wake 2, the longlist includes fourteen nominations across ten categories... 

Animation, Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, Best Game, Game Design, Music, Narrative, Technical Achievement. There are a number of multiple nominations within the same category, including Performer in a Leading Role for Ilkka Villi (as Alan Wake, live action & mocap), Matthew Porretta (as Alan Wake, voice), and Melanie Liburd (as Saga Anderson). Another multi-nomination category is Performer in a Supporting Role with (James McCaffrey as Alex Casey, Voice), Martti Suosalo (as Ahti), and Sam Lake (as Alex Casey, live action & mocap).

Source: BAFTA


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