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9th November 2023
Poets of the Fall Post-Alan Wake 2 Release Wrap-Up
New Old Gods of Asgard Merch & Lyric Videos [UPDATED]

Following the release of Alan Wake 2, Poets of the Fall have been promoting their upcoming album, Rebirth - The Greatest Hits, as their alter-ego, The Old Gods of Asgard. 

We've covered the upcoming album in previous posts, but recently the band has been sharing new images, new merchandise, and new lyrics videos.

First, up a recap of their upcoming release! The album includes the four previously released songs by the band: Children of the Elder God, The Poet and the Muse (as featured in Alan Wake), Balance Slays the Demon (from Alan Wake's American Nightmare), and Take Control (as heard in Control). The new songs include those heard in Alan Wake 2, Dark Ocean Summoning, Anger's Remorse and Herald of Darkness, along with two new tracks, The Sea of Night and The Skald Awakens.

Old Gods of Asgard's Rebirth is set to launch on December 8th! You can pre-order the album or one of the special bundles at the band's official store, Backstage Rock Shop.

Show Me The Champion of Liiiiight. If you want to relive Dark Ocean SummoningAnger's Remorse or Herald of Darkness and maybe join in, Poets of the Fall have uploaded lyric videos for all three Alan Wake 2 songs on the Old Gods of Asgard page. You can check out the page, HERE! At the moment, the songs are not available on Spotify, but that may change once Rebirth is released. 

"If we make it through this alive, I’m gonna start representing them. Yep, sell this stuff online, maybe get a reality show going, release a new single..." Speaking of Rebirth, there are two new and delightfully affordable additions to the official Old Gods of Asgard webstore. First up is the Ravens Patch, as featured on the cover of the upcoming album. Priced at 4,99€, the patch is 8cm side and is set to launch alongside Rebirth on December 8th. Secondly, there is the Old Gods of Asgard Logo 30cl mug, featuring the AGOA logo, priced at 14,99 €, and set to launch on the same date.

12/11/2023 UPDATE: If you're looking forward to the new album, you don't need to wait too long to get a sneak peak. This Wednesday (November 15th), Poets of the Fall/Old Gods of Asgard are releasing their first single from their album, Herald of Darkness via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music. You can pre-save the title, HERE


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