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7th November 2023
New Alan Wake 2 Update (#9) Fixes Audio Issues, Echoes, and Obnoxious Mice

Since Alan Wake 2's release on October 27th, Remedy's team has been hard at work fixing reported bugs to smooth out and improve the overall game experience. While playtesting and QA play a substantial part in game development, titles inevitably take on a different shape when put in the hands of players, each of whom is going to break the game, whether intentionally or accidentally, in their own ways.

This ninth update fixes reported audio issues, a specific echo scene, and a space-demanding mouse. 

Make sure you are running the latest version: PlayStation 5 (1.00.09), Xbox Series (, and PC (1.0.9).


Xbox Series

  • A workaround fix for the issue where the audio cut out intermittently in the Prologue. We are expecting a full fix for this issue in an upcoming update.


Room 665

  • Fixed an issue (again) with the Echo scene not aligning and unlocking correctly (this was fixed in the previous update, but Echo hell still persisted)  

Local Girl

  • Fixed an issue with a mouse (with a big presence) blocking progress.


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