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24th November 2023
Poets of the Fall Signed Vinyls Added In Black Friday Sales
[inc. Signs of Life, Temple of Thought, Ghostlight...]

Poets of the Fall and Old Gods of Asgard fans! Backstage Rockshop, the band's official webstore, is running a thorough Black Friday Sale with extra special items added to the mix.

Signed Vinyls. Just in time for the event, the band has replenished their signed vinyl collection with fans able to purchase. The list of signed goodies includes Signs of Life (featuring Late Goodbye from Max Payne 2) and Carnival of Rust, two early but iconic albums. As well as Temple of Thought (containing The Happy Song from Alan Wake's American Nightmare), Clearview (with The Labyrinth originally created with Quantum Break in mind), Alexander Theatre Sessions (featuring an acoustic version of War from Alan Wake), and Ghostlight (including Heroes and Villains, used in the credits of Alan Wake 2). Phew.

Black Friday Sales. Alongside the new additions are the typical Black Friday Sales, with discounts on branded stationery and full Ghostlight clothing range (including hoodies and t-shirts), plus recycled bags and pouches from their Alchemy Vol. 1, Revolution Roulette, and 10th Anniversary tours backdrops. There are also individual pieces, including the Carnival of Rust Women's Fit T-Shirt, Alexander Theatre Women's Fit T-shirts, and the Neo Logo Kids T-Shirt. You can view the Poets of the Fall webstore, HERE

Jet Black and Clawed. If you're looking to support your favourite fictional band, a couple of items from the Old Gods of Asgard store are discounted too, with both the Mj√∂lnir T-Shirt and Twin Ravens T-Shirt at 20% off. You can visit the Old Gods of Asgard webstore, HERE


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