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22nd July 2023
Sam Lake Talks Alan Wake 2 in New GameSpot Audio Logs Episode

Ahead of the Summer Game Fest, the Remedy team stopped by the GameSpot offices to take part in their Audio Logs, a video series exploring the world of video games told by those who create them. 

In a fifteen-minute video, Sam Lake (Creative Director) goes through the newly released Alan Wake 2 gameplay trailer, and talks about the developmental journey of the upcoming title. 

"Alan Wake 2 is an actual survival horror game; it's a sequel, but at the same time, it is a standalone experience. This time around, you will be playing Alan Wake himself, who, since the events of the first game, has been trapped in a nightmare dimension of the Dark Place, and he's trying to escape," Sam describes. "We have a new playable hero character, FBI Agent Saga Anderson, who comes to the small town of Bright Falls to investigate a series of ritualistic killings. That's how we start off; soon enough, their stories start to tie together."

While the interview brings newer players up to speed with the set-up of the game, there's also plenty for veteran fans to get their teeth into. In the interview, Sam describes how concepts were developed for Alan Wake's American Nightmare, the survival horror genre, inspirations, what it was like portraying Alex Casey, the writing process, the new and revised combat, and the Remedy Connected Universe. 

For Quantum Break fans, Sam also talks about the dynamic between Anderson and Casey in the Return Easter Egg. "When we were making Quantum Break, it was clear at that point, we won't be making Alan Wake 2, but there were some ideas. So, we created this video and it was an Easter Egg; very small budget, with actors that we had available at the time who were doing motion capture. Certain elements there were, kind of like, in a sketch-like way were present and nagging in my mind as an idea that a pair of FBI agents investigating the disappearance of a certain writer. It took a long time and a couple of concepts in between until we came here." 

Check out the full interview below or on the GameSpot YouTube channel, HERE


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