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10th April 2023
Sasha's GoFundMe Campaign For New Cancer Treatments

Something a little different for today. While we often focus on Remedy's games, today I wanted to write about the GoFundMe page for someone who works behind them. As it's more of a personal story, I've been debating about whether to mention it on the site, but being part of a community means looking after our own and, with the harsh nature of cancer, I don't think there's a person reading that hasn't been touched by it. 

The GoFundMe page was created by Ann for her twin sister, Sasha, a game artist working at Remedy whose credits include the upcoming Max Payne Remake and Alan Wake 2. At the start of 2020, Sasha received the news that she had ocular melanoma, a tumour which caused the loss of her eye. Later the following year, she discovered that the cancer had spread to her liver and continued to progress despite undergoing immunotherapy and radiation therapy... which is where the fundraiser comes in. 

She has learned about two new treatments; Tebentafusp (Kimmtrak) and Chemosat. But, while they are the next step, the treatments are not currently available in Finland and they're also not covered by the national health insurance. The cost of the treatment is estimated to be €300,000. At the time of writing, she has raised €86,369. 

We've donated to the campaign and I know that there are a lot of familiar names from the community on the list too. If you want to join us, check out the GoFundMe page, HERE! We wish you all the best, Sasha. <3 


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