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6th December 2022
Ilkka Villi's Directorial Debut, ToDo, Now Available On Yle Areena

Earlier this year, Ilkka Villi (the physical actor for Alan Wake) made his directorial debut with his short film, ToDo, first shown during the 2022 Tampere Film Festival. Over the weekend, it became available in Finland for free on the Yle Areena website

Ahead of the Tampere Film Festival, Ilkka wrote a little about the film on his public Instagram account, "I also wrote and produced the film and acted in it – the egomaniac that I am. But my greatest achievement by far was to be able to lure an absolutely stellar group of people to make this little, very independent, film with me." (Source)

Credits for the upcoming film include: Juge Heikkilä (Director of Photography), Iikka Hesse (Editor), Sami Kiiski (Sound), Viitasen Piia & Matias Tyni (Music), Juha Hippi (First Assistant Director), Sami Haartemo (Visual Effects & Graphics), Pasi Mäkelä (Colourist), with Petteri Linnus (Post Production Producer).

For Remedy fans, Ilkka Villi will be a familiar face, with the actor also portraying the lovable but gruff Alan Wake in the games and live-action sequences. He will return to the role in Alan Wake 2. 

If you live in Finland, you can now watch it on Yle's Areena, HERE.


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