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24th December 2022
Winter 2022 Sales
[GOG, Epic Games Store, Steam, Nintendo Store, and Humble Store]

If your Remedy collection isn't complete, you may want to check out the stores below, particularly if you're a PC owner. All of Remedy's titles are currently reduced from Max Payne to Control Ultimate Edition across a number of stores including GOG, The Epic Games Store, Steam, The Nintendo Store, and The Humble Store. Check them out below:

GOG Winter Sale
  • Alan Wake (-69%) £3.49
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-69%) £1.89
  • Control Ultimate Edition (-70%) £10.49
Click HERE to see the Remedy games included in the sales.
Ends: 2nd January.

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 
  • Alan Wake (-70%) £3.41 
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-70%) £1.79 
  • Control (-40%) £14.39
Click HERE to see Remedy's games on the store page. 
Ends: 5th January.

Steam Winter Sale 

  • Max Payne (-65%) £2.09
  • Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (70%) £2.99
  • Alan Wake (-70%) £3.41
  • Alan Wake's Collection Edition Extras (-70%) £2.09
  • Death Rally 2011/12 (-80%) £1.39
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-70%)  
  • Quantum Break (-67%) £9.89
  • Control Ultimate Edition (-70%) £10.49

Check HERE to see Remedy's catalogue on Steam.
Ends: 5th January at 10am Pacific.

Nintendo eShop Sale
  • Alan Wake Remastered (-25%) £18.74

Click HERE to see Alan Wake Remastered on the Nintendo eShop (US)
Click HERE to see Alan Wake Remastered on the Nintendo eShop (EU)*
(*Thanks for the link, Dennis F.)
Ends: 1st January 2023

Updated: 26th December 2022
Humble Store's 505 Games Publisher Sale 

  • Control Ultimate Edition (-70%) £10.49

Click HERE to see Control Ultimate Edition on the Humble Store.
Ends: 2nd January 2023.


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