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2nd November 2022
Control Joins IGN's "Top 100 Games Of All Time" List

Control has received numerous awards since its launch in 2019, but over the weekend, it received one more. On Saturday, IGN updated their list, "The Top 100 Video Games of All Time", which received its last revision back in 2019.

The list features Control in 64th place, putting it above some pretty tough competition!

Talking about what makes the game unique, Jonathon Dornbush stated that "ostensibly a drab government building, Control's main setting of The Oldest House is actually a shifting, twisting, and teleporting behemoth, which the team uses to consistently marry the everyday with the supernatural in increasingly bizarre and exciting ways. And exploration around this world is some of the best in third-person action - Marvel may not have ever given us a proper Jean Grey videogame, but playing as Jesse Faden offers enough telekinetic powers to play with that at once feel powerful and spry, weighty yet nimble in a way that translates to both exploration and combat. Control may seem unassuming, just like its location, on the surface, but digging just a couple levels deeper reveals how layered, nuanced, and enchanting its world really is." 

Commentating on the placement was Poets of the Fall, a Finnish rock band and good friends of the studio who worked with them on Max Payne 2, Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Control. In a tweet, they said, "Congratulations to @ControlRemedy for making it on @IGN’s Top100 Video Games of ALL TIME! 🎮Very proud of our friends at @remedygames and of course, our very good pals @oldgodsofasgard 😎"

Read the full list on IGN, HERE!


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