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21st November 2022
Sarah's Incredible #OldestHouseOctober Poster

Sarah's beautiful and ambitious project, #OldestHouseOctober, returned last month for a second year in a row. Inspired by Inktober and the various creative spinoffs it's motivated, Sarah formed the month-long art project to celebrate all things Control

Each day, she would receive a prompt inspired by the 2019 adventure, and tasked with drawing it. Last year she challenged herself to create a new standalone piece of art each day. For 2022 she shook up the traditional setup, producing a huge poster featuring all the elements from throughout the month. 

Featuring Jesse and Dylan is in the centre, Sarah circles around them, creating a labyrinthian feel to the piece  which highlights characters, locations, enemies, and items that fans will remember from the experience. It's truly extraordinary. In a follow-up tweet, Sarah talks about the complexity of the final file stating that after 31 intense days, she ended up with a project with 220 layers, a 544MB Photoshop file, and a poster measuring 14,188 x 10,033 pixels with 300dpi. 

Earlier in the year, we highlighted Sarah's incredible work in her own (and very overdue) Community Spotlight. Reflecting on the 2021 challenge, she said that "I wanted to do my version of it because I never had drawn one finished piece per day and I wanted to know if I could. I was watching some videos on different approaches to color around that time too, so it all came together in my mind: what If I try it as a challenge and a way to practice? And of course, it had to be with Control. I’m just so hyper-fixated on this game that it became part of my personality at this point."

"The pieces I did for the OldestHouseOctober usually took a couple to four hours to finish, mixing painting and photo bashing with my screenshots of the game. When it’s something more in the photorealistic vein, it can take a couple of days to make a full-body character, but I’ve spent a couple of weeks in pieces with a lot of people and scenery on them."

While followers were kept up to date on individual additions, they also received a full-sized poster (in two formats; monochrome and red) which Sarah wrapped up the event with. You can download a copy of your own, HERE


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