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10th October 2022
Crossfire X's Halloween Event, 5 Nights at Villa

The spooks have started early in Crossfire X, with Smilegate recently revealing their brand new Play Event, 5 Nights at Villa.

For players who complete at least one match of the Modern Haunted Villa map over five different days,  they will be rewarded with a special limited-timed Haunted Grenade Skin

The event was launched alongside the new game update. According to the patch notes, the new event takes place in a once luxurious and lively manor which has since been reduced to a battleground where Black List and Global Risk mercenaries clash. The event brings limited-timed Halloween decorations and skins for players to enjoy, as well as a 100% bonus XP/GP from October 28th to October 31st.

In addition to the new event, the patch includes improvements to the rematch vote requirements, reduced map intrusion time for Babylon, and a series of bug fixes. You can read the full patch list, HERE!

Watch UnitedG take on the Haunted Villa in their gameplay video:

Released exclusively on Xbox in early 2022, Crossfire X was developed in tandem by Smilegate (who developed the multiplayer) and Remedy (who developed the single-player storymode).


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