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9th June 2022
Poets of the Fall Teams Up With Larry Sandman In New Collaborative Single

If you're a Poets of the Fall fan, this might interest you! Last week, the band revealed an upcoming collaboration with Larry Sandman for his upcoming song, Upside Down. The music video is out now, featuring additional vocals and an appearance from Poets of the Fall's vocalist, Marko Saaresto.

That's not the only familiar name involved though! Directing the music video is Miika Hakala, the director behind a number of Poets of the Fall's music videos including Requiem For My Harlequin, Stay Forever, My Dark Disquiet, Dancing on Broken Glass, Moonlight Kissed, The Sweet Escape, and False Kings. The band's photographer, Tiia Öhman, was also on set providing her photographic magic! 

Larry Sandman's debut album, More Than Free, will be out on June 21st.
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