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21st June 2022
Women In Games Charity Livestream Closes With Control
[Ukraine Red Cross & Ukraine Humanitarian Fund]

Over the weekend, Women in Games teamed up with IGDA (International Game Developers Association) for a special twenty-six-hour charity livestream, raising funds for both the Ukraine Red Cross and Ukraine Humanitarian Fund. The event was a tremendous success, collecting over £1,200 by the end of the livestream, which was split between both charities. 

While the event drew to a close on Sunday, organisers are still acceping donations for a while to come. And, if you missed the event over the weekend, there's still time to catch up with the broadcast via their Twitch channel which featured games such as MinecraftRaft, Valheim, Path to Heaven, Treasure Hunter Simulator, Dragon Age and a lot more. 

Control was selected as the game to close out the event, with Aveline EstiĆ© (soon UI Engineer at Fall Damage Studio) checking out the game for the first time. She closed out the hour-long livestream with a faceoff with Tomassi. You can watch Aveline's playthrough on the WIGJ Twitch Channel, HERE!


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