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27th May 2022
Control Ultimate Edition Free For US-Based AT&T Members

If you live in America and you're an AT&T customer, the service has recently added Control Ultimate Edition to its list of free cloud-streamed games available to members! The option is available to those with an AT&T postpaid mobility plan. 

The game joins Batman: Arkham Knight which launched for subscribers last year, using Google Stadia technology. While the Rocksteady title is a PC-only game, both mobile and PC owners can visit the FBC in the new addition. The introduction of games as part of their service is in part to showcase the power of their internet stability and performance, allowing them to stream demanding games without lag. 

To check out the game, customers will need to visit, enter their phone number and billing zip code associated with their AT&T mobile account and start playing. 

You can view the full press release, HERE!


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