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21st April 2022
Remedy's Sustainability & Responsibility Survey
Ends April 29th

Focusing on diversity, sustainability, and inclusion, Remedy's Financial Development Manager, Elina Petäjäjärvi, has created a survey for stakeholders to collect information about what values they hold important. 

The developers considers the term "stakeholder" to consist of employees, the gaming community, investors/business analysts, partners/supplies, but also feature an option to add your own group. So as a player, you're also welcome to take part and have your say.

Taking ten minutes to complete, the survey, the introduction sets out why they're collecting the information, stating that "at Remedy, we are committed to developing our work on sustainability. We are conducting this survey to understand which sustainability topics our stakeholders, you, consider the most important for the entire gaming industry and for a gaming studio like Remedy. Responding to this survey and sharing your personal views will help us guide our future sustainability strategy and actions to the right direction." 

You can fill out the survey, HERE! Closes April 29th. 


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