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15th April 2022
Halfway Point In @CaptureControl's #AlteredApril Challenge

We're halfway through April, and halfway through @CaptureControl's incredible #AlteredApril challenge, celebrating all aspects of Control from characters to locations, and even filters.

At the end of each day, @CaptureControl has been busy compiling all of the entries into their own Twitter Moments, perfect for if you want to take part or check out the entries but still wary about spoilers. You can check out the full list of Moments, HERE!  

If you're interested in taking part in the challenge check out the prompt list below, use #AlteredApril for your creations, and make sure to follow @CaptureControl!

Today's theme is all about Jesse's brother, Dylan Faden. Later prompts include: 15) Dylan, 16) Containment Sector, 17) NPC, 18) Panopticon, 19) Altered Items, 20) Gloomy Filter, 21) Powers/Abilities, 22) Red Light, 23) Research Sector, 24) Atmospheric Filter, 25) Mold, 26) Videotape Filter, 27) Ashtray Maze, 28) Paranormal, 29) Action, and finally 30) The Director.


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