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16th February 2022
On This Day: Alan Wake Launches On PC [2012]

Ten years ago today, Alan Wake launched on PC! Previously an Xbox 360 exclusive title, Remedy partnered up with Nordic Games (now THQ Nordic) to bring the game to digital PC marketplaces as well as launching two rather fancy physical editions on March 2nd. 

It was a decision that was completely worth it. Not only did it bring in a brand new audience for Alan Wake and later helped the sequel find a publisher (Alan Wake 2 coming 2023!) but the developers were able to recoup their development and marketing costs within 48 hours of releasing on Steam. 

To celebrate the launch on PC, then-Community Manager, Peter Papadopoulos set up a live chat where fans could ask their questions to Markus Maki (CTO), Aki 'AJ' Järvilehto (EVP), Mikko 'Mikki' Rautalahti (Senior Writer) and Visa-Valtteri Pimiä (Game Programmer). You can read the archived conversation, HERE!

You can also recapture that new game vibe by watching the Alan Wake Steam Launch Trailer below:


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