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30th December 2021
Remedy Deals Across Winter & January Sales

If you're looking to complete your Remedy collection, make sure to take a look below! Whether you play on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, there are plenty of sales from Max Payne to Control

And if you've not yet picked up or played the Alan Wake series, this may be a good opportunity to jump in as the sequel was recently announced. Alan Wake Remastered is currently available at 20% off on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and The Epic Games Store. 

PlayStation January Sale

- Alan Wake Remastered PS4 (-20%)
- Alan Wake Remastered PS5 (-20%)
- Control Ultimate Edition PS4 (-70%)
- Control Ultimate Edition PS5 (-70%)

View the PlayStation January Sale, HERE!

Ends: January 7th 2022, 23:59 UTC.

Steam Winter Sale

- Control Ultimate Edition (-70%)
- Quantum Break (-75%)
- Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (-70%)
- Max Payne (-65%)

View the Steam Winter Sale, HERE!

Ends: January 5th 2022.

Xbox Countdown Sale

- Alan Wake Remstered Xbox One (-20%)
- Alan Wake Remastered Xbox Series X|S (-20%)
- Control Standard Edition PC (-70%)
- Control Standard Edition Xbox One (-70%)
- Control Standard Edition Xbox Series X|S (-70%)
- Control Season Pass Xbox One (70%)
- Control Season Pass Xbox Series X|S (70%)
- Control Ultimate Edition Xbox One (-70%)
- Control Ultimate Edition Xbox Series X|S (-70%)

View the Xbox Countdown Sale, HERE!

GOG Winter Sale Finale

Control Ultimate Edition (-70%)

View GOG's Winter Sale Finale HERE!

Ends: January 5th 2022

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale

- Alan Wake Remastered (-20%)

View The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale, HERE!

Ends: January 6th 2022


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