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27th December 2021
First Impressions of CrossfireX's Story Mode Campaign
[Easy Allies, IGN, COGconnected]

Earlier this month, Smilegate announced the release date of CrossfireX, a game developed in collaboration with Remedy who have been hard at work on the single-player, story mode. With February 10th 2022 given as the target, selected media got an exclusive hands-on look at the upcoming title ahead of the holidays. 

Easy Allies, COGconnected, and IGN were the media groups given access to the game. (However, we'll keep an eye out for any late impressions.) You can view the videos below...

Easy Allies - CrossfireX  / Shades of Black

In their twelve-minute long video, Michael Huber and Brandon Jones talk about CrossfireX's variety and potential after playing the six-hour-long demo on the Xbox Series X. While the format is linear, they found that the areas were big enough to get lost in and that the structure helped deliver the story. They also talked about the bullet time mechanic which slows down enough to survey your surroundings but speeds up when moving or shooting.

IGN - CrossfireX Campaign Preview / Trapped in the Past

In his preview, Destin Legarie at IGN was less impressed with the demo but praises its Northlight engine, playable characters, and stealth elements. The review is the shortest of the three impression videos, spanning just over three minutes, but has more story spoilers.

COGconnected - Remedy’s ‘Crossfire X’ Streamlines the Shooter in a Big Way

The third and final preview is by Mark Steighner at COGconnected who looks at Crossfire's legacy and the morally grey characters of the single-player campaign. Mark's impressions delve deeper into the story and experiences compared to the previous two videos. We also discovered that while the multiplayer campaign will be free, Remedy's story mode will not be.


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