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15th December 2021
Remedy Documents Alan Wake 2 Reveal In New Dev Diary

Last week, a team from Remedy travelled in secret to Los Angeles to attend The Game Awards, where they would officially reveal Alan Wake 2. Throughout their journey, the developers recorded their travels, experiences, and thoughts on the evening to come as well, as the feedback.

Following their return to Helsinki, a video was compiled of the footage they recorded. You can watch the full five-minute vlog below:


Sam Lake: [pre-recorded at the studio] I'm Sam Lake, the Creative Director at Remedy, and we are about to announce Alan Wake 2. It's brilliant. It's awesome. It's hard to believe that we are finally here.

Sam Lake: Here we are in Hollywood, they heard we are coming so they put up this sign. [Points to a sign reading Denmark 50.] They only got the country wrong. Close enough though. Good effort.

Kyle Rowley: [pre-recorded at the studio] I joined Remedy originally back just after [Alan Wake'sAmerican Nightmare shipped, and when we were working on Quantum Break. And I remember when we announced Quantum Break that actually Sam made a video saying to the fans of Alan Wake, like, very sorry, we really wanted to make Alan Wake 2 but, you know, things didn't work out.

Sam: [in the referenced 2013 video] The next big thing from Remedy won't be Alan Wake 2. For a lot of you that can come as a surprise and as a disappointment.

Kyle: [pre-recorded at the studio] You know, they were looking forward to something coming that and now we get to do it. So very excited about that.

Thomas Puha: In this case, I think it's been kind of like a public secret that we're working on Alan Wake 2, but nothing is official until we make it official.

Sam: We are very much here secretly in stealth mode. No posts in social media of any kind that we are travelling, that we are in Los Angeles, which has been a struggle, I admit.

Thomas: So, now I'm wondering if I go to the TGAs [The Game Awards] do I wear my Alan Wake 2 jacket? I'll just turn it inside out. So maybe that's a fashion statement? And then as soon as the trailer players, I could just, y'know, turn it back inside out the right way and then wear it. But is anybody going to notice? Is it worth the hassle?

[In the IGN office.] They're filming me? Am I filming Sam as he's filming me?

Sam: That's the metaverse.

Thomas: [Off-screen] We are one day away from revealing Alan Wake 2. Sam's clearly had some coffee already.

Sam: Yes!

[The group is having dinner, temporarily posing for a photo.] I'm taking a video so just keep staring.

Sam: [pre-recorded at the studio] I really couldn't be happier that it's only happening now because so much thinking on that idea, so many versions of that idea have come and gone. But I feel that every one in that long line of versions has been better than the previous one.

Sam: The morning of The Game Awards, it's happening today... Let's get ready... It starts with brushing your teeth, of course.

Geoff Keighley: [edited recording of the TGA broadcast] This is The Game Awards! I'm now joined by my man, Sam Lake. Sam, thank you for coming all the way over from Finland for this. This is so exciting. Alan Wake 2. It's been a decade, fans have been asking you for it. Why is now the right time to bring him back?

Sam: [edited recording of the TGA broadcast] Ten years- over ten years, wanting to make this, dreaming of making it, we've been iterating on the concept and we know fans have been asking for it.

Alan Wake 2 Trailer: [trailer plays on the big screen during the TGA] - is a monster. And monsters wear many faces.

Kyle: [pre-recorded at the studio]  The team is excited. I'm excited. Sam is definitely excited.

Sam: [pre-recorded at the studio]  It's funny. It's been such a long time coming. So much hard work put into it that every day is an emotional rollercoaster, really.

Sam: [back in Helsinki] Looking back at the week in LA, it could not have gone better with the announcement. It was everything we hoped it would be and the response of you was more than we could have dreamed of Thank you. Thank you. On Monday, we'll go back to work and aim to make Alan Wake 2 everything it can possibly be and everything that you are hoping it will be. Thank you 


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